Welcome to the Clan Wood Society

  The personal Arms of our chief


Wood of Bonnytoun
Wood of Largo
BLAZON: Shield - Argent, an oak tree vert eradicated Proper fructeted Or;  Crest - A ship under sail Proper;  Motto - Tutus in Undis;  Supporters - Two sailors Proper, their caps and jackets vert, their lapels, cuffs and trousers Argent
Likewise, his ensigns prescribed by the Lord Lyon King of Arms are those of a baron of Scotland and a clan chief
The Crest Badge shown as the Society's logo depicts 'A Ship under sail Proper' which is the Crest of the Arms belonging to our chief.
 The chief's Armorial Bearings are shown on this page with his approval. They must not be copied or used for any purpose without his expressed authority.
MISSION/GOAL of Clan Wood Society:
Representing an ancient clan/family whose continuing line of Lothian and Fifer chiefs dates back to the 12th century, and whose lairds have governed lands in the north and south of the country, the Society exists to promote the spirit of clan fellowship, Scottish traditions and friendly relations with other clan and family societies.
We are building a knowledge base about Wood history and culture, genealogy, individuals' achievements and lots more besides.
The Society provides supportive links between its members worldwide and those of the greater clan it serves.
The wearing of the clan/family tartan is encouraged. 
 We seek to maintain close ties with Wood Clan organisations throughout the world.
Oonagh 2021
Oonagh Elizabeth Susan Fawcett Wood of Largo
 succeeds her late father,
Timothy Michael Herbert Fawcett Wood,
as Representative of the Ancient Family of Wood of Largo and Chief of the Name.

The middle child of the 9 of her late father’s offspring, Oonagh is predominately based in London, England having spent most of her childhood in rural Wales.

Oonagh is deeply proud of her Scottish heritage and steps into her position as Chief with great hope for the future of the Clan Wood Society.

In common with similar organzations, the Society is run entirely by unpaid volunteers on a not-for-profit basis.
Clan Wood Society's family genealogist is Alex  Wood of Linlithgow, Scotland.   



Clan Membership
The Court of the Lord Lyon defines it this way:
Every person who has the same surname as the chief is deemed to be a member of the clan.
Equally, a person who offers allegiance to the chief is recognised as a member of the clan unless the chief decides that they will not accept that person's allegiance.  
Thus, if your surname by Scottish descent is Wood or any of its direct variations;
 if you are the partner or a near descendant (e.g., an other-named married daughter) of someone of the Name, then you are already a member of Clan Wood as part of your heritage.
Whether or not the above strictly applies to you, if you support our Aims listed below,
then you are welcome to be a member of this Society.
*    *    *
 At the request of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs,
Clan Wood appeared alongside Clan Maclean and Clan Broun to open the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle in the evening of the 9th of August 2017. As two long columns of betartaned clans-people paraded on to the castle esplanade, the 9,000-strong audience filling the lofty stands on three sides let out a roar of applause. First came four splendidly uniformed pipers beautifully playing alternately the two stirring marches that were specially written for the Inauguration of our chief in 2011: "Sir Andrew Wood's Flower Battling Home to Largo" by George Wood of Kirkcaldy, and "The Yellow Caravel" by Diarmid Lindsay of Colinsborough, the Earl of Crawford's personal piper. Then came the three chiefs - one being our sadly indisposed chief's official representative - and their spouses walking six abreast leading the flag-bearers and the colourful ranks of cheerily waving followers. The atmosphere was truly magical and culminated in the chiefs being welcomed by the castle's officers with a Gaelic Loyal Toast and a goodly dram of single malt taken from traditional silver quaichs. More applause pursued the clans as they dispersed to their seats in the stands, the chiefs' party to the Royal Box, to enjoy the ensuing Tattoo performances.
The clan starting to gather...
Tattoo 01
photographed an hour before climbing up to Edinburgh Castle to open the Tattoo
   [More pictures can be seen in the Bulletins page of the Members' Area.] 
This stained glass window showing the shield of the Arms of Sir Andrew Wood of Largo, Admiral of  Scotland, is located in the Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle which was built in his lifetime. Our clans-people admired and viewed this window before proceeding to the parade in the esplanade. 



"Clan Societies have existed since the seventeenth century.  They provide invaluable machinery for a clan-fund, repository for records and treasures, and virtually form the Civil Service of the clan." (A. Mure Mackenzie, 1949)
Clan Village
Just a small part of the Clan Village, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh
(There are more pictures in the Members' Area Bulletins page)
Hundreds of interested enquirers visited our clan tent
during the landmark 2009 international Gathering in Edinburgh.
We learnt much back then from all their helpful responses
and heard numerous fascinating family stories from many parts of the world. 
Clan Wood participates in annual events such as at Dunedin, Florida; Plantation, Florida; Greenville, South Carolina; Portland, Oregon and Radford, Virginia.


Sprig of Oak
                                Most Scottish clans have a Plant Badge
                              This is the Plant Badge of the name Wood, known heraldically as a Sprig of Oak.                              
A small cutting from a tree is optionally placed behind the metal Crest Badge that is worn on the cap, lapel, sash etc. - or just by itself. Examples of the Crest Badge can be seen in the Clan Shop.
Quercus Robur or Darag 
  The Wood Clan/Family Tartan
  Scottish Register of Tartans reference 6630
An image of the Wood Dress tartan (predominantly red) can be seen in the Bulletins page of the Members' Area
"Scotland's Admiral"
Book Cover
   A thrilling account of the personal life and history-changing career of a
   supremely accomplished and unique individual, Admiral Sir Andrew Wood
   of Largo, this ebook benefits from the very latest research into the man and
   the background that made him. It portrays in the round (i.e., 'warts and all'
   and with some strong dialogue) the personalities of many of his famous and
   less well known contempories, while placing his adventures and
   violent clashes at sea in the context of what else was happening in the world
   at the time. 
[HELPFUL WARNINGS: No matter what certain plausible commercial websites may say, there is no such thing in heraldic law as a 'family coat of arms', so nobody should be tempted into buying one. What's more, a title like Lord, Lady or the Laird of Strath Here or Glen There cannot be obtained by purchasing a square foot or any other area of land in Scotland. If that were possible, the country would already be overrun with people titled simply because they own the land their house stands on; there'd be 10 'chiefs' to every 1 'Indian'!  Moreover, where a genuine title is lawfully attached to a piece of land, only one individual at a time may use it.  So don't be fooled by unscrupulous charlatans into parting with money.]
On the other hand, the wearing by clansmen and clanswomen of a badge depicting the Crest (the topmost symbol) and Motto of their chief's Arms IS desirable. An image of their Crest Badge forms the flag of many clans and clan  societies, and householders like to display it proudly at home - as a wall plaque, for example.